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General update for shipping 2023

As we continue our shipping into to 2023, with the latest inflation, the transit time from Denmark to Manila takes up to 3 months. Many major ports can still experience being congested due to the many container ships arriving every single day. Delays has become a part of everyday life. So we hope that our customers can understand that some delays can occur in their shipments.

Check below for the newest update on your shipment.


Transit times can still be up to 3 months and can even be more depending on the state of the world situation & weather conditions as our containers leave Denmark and hit the oceans. 

  • DK01 / C1 - February shipment - COMPETED

  • DK02 / C2 - May shipment - COMPLETED

  • DK03 / C3 - May shipment - COMPLETED

  • DK04 / C4 - July shipment - .DELIVERY IN PROGRESS

  • DK05 / C5 - Aug shipment - DELIVERY IN PROGRESS

  • DK06 / C6 Sept shipment - IN TRANSIT TO THE PHILIPPINES

  • DK07 / C7 - Sept. shipment - IN TRANSIT TO THE PHILIPPINES

  • DK08 / C8 - Nov. shipment - PICK UP WILL START SOON

Deliveries in Manila (NCR) : Up to 7 days.

Deliveries in Luzon : Up to 14 days.

Deliveries in Visayas regions : Up to 30 days.

Deliveries in Mindanao regions: Up to 30 days.

You can always check our FB page for the newest update as that is updated more frequently with live videos, updates etc.

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