November & December shipment update:


Containers are still on route without any delays at the moment. We were lucky enough to get a container earlier than anticipated so we are well on the way. At the moment the ship is passing through the Suez Canal and is expected to arrive in Singapore in the first days of the new year. The december container is also on route and is expected to arrive in Manila in the first week of February 2021.

The September container:

Delivery of boxes has been going on non stop since the 3 containers arrived in Manila in November.

At the moment it seems like that not all boxes managed to arrive in time and for that I am truly sorry. There have been some issues with some areas under lockdown, days of waiting in line at ports, contact numbers not being answered etc that has led to it being harder to have all boxes delivered in time for Christmas.


To those customers who haven't received their box yet, please send me a message with your Box ID so I can follow up on the delivery date for your box.

At the moment, we are also sold out of LARGE and EXTRA LARGE BOXES. The transport company was suppose to deliver them this week, but I was informed that they can't make it until the first week of January due to the Covid 19 and the Holidays

We will start delivering empty boxes

as soon as they arrive in Denmark.

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