General update for shipping

Lately we have started to experience more delays in the shipping industry. Since the Suez canal was blocked by the Evergreen Container ship and the ongoing pandemic we are all facing in the world. All major ports are congested due to the many container ships arriving every single day. Delays has become a part of everyday life. So we hope that our customers can understand that some delays can occur in their shipments.

Check below for the newest update on your shipment.

New boxes -  We are out of stock of XL boxes at the moment

We have ordered new boxes a while ago. 

But the factory are struggling to get materials to produce them. 

They expect to have them ready and delivered in Denmark by the end of June. You can still order XL boxes now and we will deliver them as soon as the new stock will arrive.

MARCH 2021 Container

Our container that left Denmark on March 30, with the expected arrival in Manila by May 30 is delayed. The feeder ship with our container has finally arrived in Manila on June 16, but is still waiting for the Manila Harbour to give clearance for it to dock as there is a bit of congestion in the Manila port.

You can see the latest screen shot of the Manila bay with ship waiting.

MAY 2021 Container

The May container has been packed and was picked up early morning on May 12, 2021. The expected arrival in Manila will be on July 16 as informed from the shipping line. 

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