General update for shipping

Lately we have started to experience more delays in the shipping industry. Since the Suez canal was blocked by the Evergreen Container ship and the ongoing pandemic we are all facing in the world. All major ports are congested due to the many container ships arriving every single day. Delays has become a part of everyday life. So we hope that our customers can understand that some delays can occur in their shipments.

Check below for the newest update on your shipment.


The first September container C6 has arrived in Manila and deliveries are ongoing.

The last 2 September containers C7 & C8 arrived in Manila on

Dec.11 -and was offloaded at the CGT Freight warehouse on

Dec.15 and Dec.17 

The last 2 containers was delayed 3 and 4 weeks in total, meaning that this has an immediate impact on our deliveries for Christmas. We do apologize but not all boxes will make it for Christmas like they normally wopuld. Furthermore a storm has just passed the Visayas area and many places has been hit with floods and many damages following.

So some Ro-Ro ships has cancelled their routes for the time being, but hopefully be back to sailing again just before Christmas. 

We will post the tentaive delivery dates as soon as we will receive them from the CGT Freight Forwarding office. We dont hold the schedules as they are the ones handling all the logistics in the Philippines. 

You can also se more on www.facebook.com/danoylogistics


The November container that left Copenhagen on Nov.22 is still on route to the Philippines. The feeder ship from Copenhagen didn't make the connecting container ship from Hamburg in time, so unfortunately this container is already delayed early on its journey.


To prevent it from being too delayed our container will now pass through South Korea in hopes of that we can avoid the congestion in Singapore and still make it without too many delays to the Philippines.

We will keep you updated as we get more information.


The December container left Copenhagen on Dec.13 and is now on route to the Philippines. We expect that arrival in Manila will be around the end of February 2022. 

We will keep you updated as we get more information.

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