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  • Makes sure receiver name and contact information is written on the box together with the Box ID.

  • Fill out your export paper with the receiver name and  contents of your box.  By Danish and Filipino law the value of the box must be written on your export paper.

  • Ensure that your box is packed correctly and isn't bulky or pregnant. Flaps must meet in the middle or they will be charged 150,- upon pick-up.

  • Box must be fully tapped all the way around. All grey and black tape must be covered in clear tape.

  • Put extra tape around the bottle neck of bottles and other fluids and then put each one in a separate plastic bag. 

  • Boxes located higher than the 2.nd floor in apartment buildings without a elevator, must be brought down to the 2nd floor prior to pick up. There will be a extra charge of 50,- pr. box located over the 2.nd floor. 

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This is also why its very important that you FULLY tape your box all the way around. So should this happen to a box on top or next to yours, it wont get affected by leaking fluids etc coming from another customers leaking box. Have in mind that boxes are packed together in the container for up to 8 weeks, so there is a high risk of damage for untaped boxes.

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